The Stars Today: Moon in Leo!

"saturn in scorpio"I love Rex Bills‘ Rulership Book. Did you know that Leo rules almonds and almond trees, stoves and wrists? Diamonds, crowns, parties, greatness. Glitz and glamor and it’s big glamor. Libra is glamor to, in my opinion, but properly. Leo cares less about that and just wants to show. Leo rules the theatre.

The Moon in Leo today, all day, is fun for you and the Moon is supported. We had a trine to Uranus in Aries this morning and a square to Saturn in about 45 minutes (less supportive!) but then the Moon sextiles Jupiter (good busy mood) in Gemini and trines the Sun in Sagittarius in the evening.

Now Leo does not rule jealousy but I have experienced my fare share of jealous cats. They are competitive and crave admiration no matter how much they deny it 😉 Try not to one-up them unless you want a roar in your ear, no matter how meek. The lion is still the king of the jungle. Leos in love need to be the only one.


Sound familiar?



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