The Stars Today: Moon In Gemini At The Very Least!

"full moon in cancer 2012"
moon in gemini!

The sky feels serious to me: Capricorn energy, Virgo energy, even Venus in Aquarius isn’t all fuzzy warm warm.

But the Moon in Gemini? Adds a light touch. Restless, chatty, bouncing hither and yon, similar to her Sagittarius opposite, where Mercury is still hanging out post-retrograde.

So we’re walking and wandering and yet we’re working. We’re social and yet we’re focused on what needs to be done. Right? Or are you like that song… “Torn between two lovers…” and yet there are no lovers – it’s just you.

Remember, Gemini is the twins so you may be of more than one mind (Mercury) and of more than one emotion (Moon in a Mercury-ruled sign) and just, well, MORE THAN ONE! Torn between two lovers… 

So what will it be? The party or the deadline? 


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