The Stars Today: Moon In Cancer

"new moon in leo"Today is an interesting day with the Moon in Cancer because the Moon is entering the Pluto Uranus square just like Venus is doing.

Moon moves faster than Venus though. She’ll be done and then Venus will take over. The women are in charge!

Do you need more peace in your relationships with men? Moon and Venus opposition Pluto and square Uranus show struggle and instability.

If you feel tense then do comfort yourself, Cancer style. Mother yourself and remember you can enlist the help of the Heavenly Mother, however you conceive of such a being…

One card draw for the day: The Devil!

I’m sorry you feel this “no where to run” feeling but the truth is… you don’t need to run. You can stay right here. Right where you are. Just take off the noose. It’s gotten damn uncomfortable. Can you do that for me? Lift it off. Just like that. Voila.

Love, MP

Class officially starts tomorrow. Latecomers and lurkers are welcome! Email me for details, fee, and location. Here is a recent blog post which describes my intentions with the class. MoonPluto Land

And yes I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for this week’s New Moon in Leo!