The Stars Today: Moon In Cancer!

"full moon lunar eclipse in sagittarius"

You may feel like hiding in your shell from the world.

The Moon is in hard and soft Cancer trine Neptune and Chiron. Beauty and the beast 😉

Do you ever have a sudden good mood or a sudden lousy mood or a sudden eh mood and then run to your transits to try to figure it out?

I don’t feel solid under this sky. I feel… shifting.

Sun in mutable Gemini. Mercury leaving Taurus for Gemini this week. And I am getting the image of a stoplight. Lights on, lights off.

Let’s a pull a card for this feeling: Ace of Wands hmm… it’s not born YET but it WILL be born. A stay tuned feeling.

Venus in Gemini, retrograde, bringing some slow-down and some confusion, like my waitress this morning 😉 Hey, I waited tables once upon a time. Lousy at it. Now THAT is a hard job. (Why did I keep trying? What I liked, literally, was putting the plates down on the table before the people. SERVICE.)

Mars in Virgo moving away from a Pluto trine, away from a Chiron opposition. Mars feels on his own out there. Where are you putting your energy? Stabs in the dark?

Jupiter is also heading for Gemini, slowly, slowly. What will you do with… all this chatter, all this Gemini talking, writing, waving at you?

And the Uranus-Pluto square is getting tighter.

What is the wisdom here? Keep on moving? 


We’ve had a ton of rain in the Big City but it’s simply beautiful today. My readings got delayed because I’m taking an antibiotic and was having a bad reaction to the one I was on. Switched it and ate and feeling better now but when I was out and about there was a feeling in the air that I could not name. Some kind of… We’ve-Had-A-Lot-Of-Rain feeling. The trees seemed to glow with light. Or maybe it was the meds 😉

But some kind of stillness or relief in the middle of the Brooklyn block. The trees were like prayers, reaching up their words.


As I type this, I realize the Sun is square Neptune and remember the Moon is trine Neptune. See? It is a good day to pray.

What are you feeling? 

Love, MP

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