The Stars Today: Moon In Aries And Neptune On The Edge

"neptune in pisces"

I was just about to say: I feel like I can feel my future.

And then I wondered if it was true. I’m not sure.

Neptune is often not sure.

And I was reading for someone today and I really did feel like she could/can see what’s ahead.

All the elements can do this — earth, water, fire, air. It’s a matter of how we receive the information. Water tends to feel it. And the chart details will tell us how comfortable we are with it. For example, Uranus in the 12th House: highly intuitive but you may not trust it.

And just now I was thinking about making a decision. NOT making the decision but thinking about it. It’s a big difference.

An image of palm trees comes to mind. They really do sway. So tall and strong and this way and then that way and I felt like a palm tree just now. And learning how to… sit with not knowing.

Will we all increase in psychic ability when Neptune enters Pisces? How sensitive can sensitive be? Will there be a cosmic shift, wavelike? Catch the wave or drown? (Or how about this: write a poem in honor of Neptune entering Pisces. Hey! I should make this a contest and I’ll choose my favorite and offer a free Mini-Reading to the winner!)

The Moon is in late Aries now, opposing Saturn which is trining Neptune.

Moon (home) + Saturn (the work) + Neptune (the dream) = build what and why? Moon in Aries gives you the passion. Saturn in Libra says don’t go it alone. And Neptune on the edge of Aquarius, taking his last breath in the sign of the Water-Bearer is truly, truly, heading home to the high seas. Cosmic water consciousness. Poets, all of us. FINALLY.

Think about it, says the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius.

Aretha Franklin also knew the value of thinking but in a different context. Nevertheless, can’t go wrong with Aretha on a Sunday night.

In other news? Life gets more and more mysterious. Very Neptune in Pisces, in my opinion.


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