The Stars Today: Moon In Aquarius

I spoke to my Scorpio friend today, the one who lives out West. I was trying to convince him — no — not convince.

I suggested to him… the possibility of changing his delivery.

Context? He helps people. He wants to help people. He helps root out their weaknesses, Scorpio style. It’s harsh, hard. People would listen more, listen better (said my tender Mercury in Cancer) with even a… sprinkle of adjustment on his part. Like, touch the person’s shoulder before you attack. I don’t know. Something like that.

He says to me: “Oh. Sugar coating. I don’t sugar coat. ”

I say to him: “I’m not talking about sugar coating. I’m talking about not being a dick.”

Grey area, I said. Kindness I meant. Of course Scorpio stellium admitted he doesn’t recognize grey area. Understand, my trip out West changed me. I told him this. He refined me, helped me. He wants to fix. He has Pluto, Mars, and Uranus in the 6th House of… self-improvement.

Funny, he will start sentences with , “I’m a Scorpio so…”

But he doesn’t know the rest of the chart. He doesn’t know that Virgo (6th House) also seeks to refine and discern.

And that if he would soften, just a little, if it were possible, just to soften, just a little, maybe he would feel less alone.


The Pluto Chiron sextile was exact this morning, a few hours after the Moon entered Aquarius.

Moon in Aquarius seeks to understand what it doesn’t, can’t, feel.

I’m not saying Moon in Aquarius is a bad moon. Not at all. I’m thinking of a Cancer, a Scorpio, a Pisces… all of them with this placement. But there’s a wall. Only so far they can go. And then the brain takes over, seeks to make sense of… what can only be intuited, felt, KNOWN.

Pisces and Cancer are squishier. It’s the Scorpio/Aquarius combination that actually CAN save the world, one penetrating word at a time.


Energy we are under now: Moon sextile Uranus, Moon square Saturn, Moon trine Jupiter. It’s a beautiful night. Moon Uranus invents and imagines. Moon Saturn second guesses but then Moon Jupiter believes and hopes and a laughs.

Tomorrow it’s all good: Moon sextile Sun, Venus, and Mars in Aries. The image I’m getting is of Aries springtime flowers and fireflies and these are your IDEAS.

Catch them. Let them go.

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Love, MP


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