The Stars Today! Moon Conjunct Taurus And Moon Trine Pluto

"full moon in leo 2012"

Did the Moon conjunct Jupiter cheer you up or cheer you on?

The Moon is your mood and Jupiter, they say, expands what it touches. Not only that but it lifts up the moods, the Moon, like a balloon.

Taurus (an earth sign ruling bank tellers and beauty, among other things) is solid which can become stubborn! Moon and Jupiter in Taurus: maybe you are feeling less anxious about your money this morning! More… expansive!

The Moon also squares Mercury in Aquarius: mood and mind don’t meet completely – so even as the mood improved, in the back of your mind is that nervous (Aquarius) doublechecking of the bank balance. OR the mood. Or the face for wrinkles.

When the Moon trines Pluto though, a spiritual aspect, the answer is found: don’t put too much value (Taurus) on what is fleeting, like moods and bank balances.

Instead, you can put your faith (Pluto) in what can’t always be seen (Pluto). Although Pluto rules the muck and rot of your life, he also rules your restoration.


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