The Stars Today: Moon Conjunct Pluto

"moon in capricorn"What to do for the pain. What to do for it. Surely there must be something I can DO.

I’m on my own with it. It is MINE.

I realize today that I hate someone and I can’t recall if I ever have. Maybe once or twice or… I just don’t recall this kind of extreme feeling and I was emailing a friend thinking she may have some wisdom.

I know what longing feels like. Sadness. Depression. Faith. Happiness. Contentment. But not hate. It’s black slime.

The Moon is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn right now and square Uranus. Emotional intensity in the sign of structure. DO SOMETHING for it.

And I will. There is magic in the world.

Pluto is power. Where did you forget yours? 

Love, MP

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