The Stars Today! Moon Conjunct Pluto And Other Spooky Stuff!

"moon conjunct pluto"

The Moon in Capricorn wants to conjunct Pluto REAL BAD, wants that depth and intensity like a Mars in Cancer wants a milkshake 😉

Gemini of course rules the day:

Sun Venus conjunction, exact right now. Mercury in Gemini too. Mars in Virgo squares the Gemini family and both signs are Mercury ruled but they tend to go about their business differently. Gemini runs with scissors and Virgo hides them 😉

Jupiter is leaving Taurus, Neptune is newly retrograde.

You know what? ALL I FEEL IS CHANGE. The pieces are in the air and I have no idea where they will land.

And the odd thing is, the truly ODD thing is that… it doesn’t feel bad. Not that bad. Maybe because of all that Gemini air, I’m thinking more than feeling.

Are you feeling this too? That everything just switched course? Or got set in motion? Or stopped dead still? Or that the thing you most want IS going to happen after all BUT not until you’ve had your own personal Tower Card moment.

Listen, I wish nothing ever fell apart. I wish for kittens and good weather and hot coffee and… What I’ve learned in all my many years 😉 is this:

1. Mystery exists

2. Some things are worth fighting for

3. We all die

4. And then we come back

Love, MP

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