The Stars Today: Monkey Wisdom, Sun Trine Pluto

"sun trine pluto"

Today the Sun is trine Pluto, Taurus to Capricorn. Find 9 degrees in your chart. Got anything that aspects?

And remember that Pluto is retrograde and the outer planets all have these retrograde periods; it’s part of their cycle.

I’ve begun to take outer planet retrogrades “more seriously” than I used to even though an astrologer friend of mine believes that the farther away a planet is from the Sun, the less the retrograde will affect you personally.

Well… in my own life… I’ve felt the difference and I do believe that the energy of transiting Pluto, direct or retrograde, is major. He’s ON my 5th House cusp now.

And right now, in retrograde motion, he absolutely is forcing me to revisit housing issues (crisis, questions of, security, where do I want to live) and turning away a bit from OCD love, which is one manifestation of Pluto in the 5th House.

It’s not either/or but a shift in focus and it’s pointless to fight it. I believe this is how it works. Pluto turns his face and I must turn mine as well.

(And this isn’t to say that the love disappears –nope, not at all — but Pluto retrograde has heralded a disruption that will be un-disrupted according to the cycle and not a moment before, when he goes direct again. There will be closure or consummation. Mark my words! Do I sound fatalist? Too attached to the planetary movements. Perhaps. But this is what my gut tells me. I must trust it. On the other hand though… other transits could disrupt the disruption. An eclipse, for example. But you can see my thought process here.)


Today’s Sun trine Pluto is a glimpse into the meaning of the Full Moon in Scorpio for you. Why do I feel this way? Because Pluto rules Scorpio.

But more than that, there’s a metaphysical, esoteric connection that I can’t put into words at the moment but know it’s true. And it’s… reverse i.e. TODAY you find your strength. TODAY you are given the (potential?) answer(s) in preparation for the emotional plunging that a Full Moon in Scorpio can bring.

Plunge. Purge. Cleanse: the Full Moon in Scorpio in 3 Easy Steps! 


The Sun is you. Pluto is your transformation. What needs to change? What will change. Keep it simple.

Create for your life a cosmic Word-Find puzzle. Circle the letters. What do they spell out. Sun trine Pluto. What houses. What else in your chart aspects this. What areas of life.

For me? Pluto is backing away from a trine to my Ascendent, a sextile to my Descendent.

This tells me that I need to… not “coast” exactly but “swim” a bit in the changes that have already taken place. And gather resources, gather strength… before Pluto goes direct in the fall. Planning. Capricorn (where Pluto is) has a plan.


Pluto is about power. The power we wield and yield. Where Pluto is in your natal chart (and where transiting Pluto is) is where you simply cannot afford to be spineless and appeasing. Be thoughtful and moral and striving. But don’t… wrap up your power, your Self, in a pretty gift box and put stickers all over it and hand it over to the lowest (or highest bidder). Because you know, and I know, there’s a timer attached and it will blow up in their face and yours too once you come to consciousness about how you behave.


Mars is in Virgo and trine Pluto too (but a wider orb than the Sun). Health (Virgo) matters so drink to this trine but drink your Greens or your Healthy Tea. Drink something that’s part of our Mars in Virgo (Direct!) Challenge.

(Click here for the link!)

Trines in earth signs bring practical results. It’s not just “in the air” or “in the inspiration” or in the feelings-well. It’s real life, real time.

Honestly, I don’t particularly feel it. I’m still under the weather some and got a monkey on my back. And what I mean by that is that I’ve got a lot on my mind and in my heart and I think it’s expressing itself in the body.

Know what I’m gonna do though? I’m gonna take the monkey off my back and set a place for him beside me, at my desk. Externalize the energy.


The other day I was doing a Tarot reading for someone and relationship was the topic of the day and I told her you will be in hell for a little while so set a place for the devil.

It wasn’t an astrology reading but once I knew her Sun and Moon, I knew she wasn’t going to want to set a place for him and she said as much.

My chart is different though. I’m going to keep my monkey with me for the time being, but off my back. Get him a chair. He may have some monkey wisdom for me.

And, eventually, when the time is right, he’ll return to monkey land or monkey jungle or the island of lost souls or wherever the hell he came from.

Or maybe, just maybe, he’ll stick around. I got room.

Do you have a monkey?


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