The Stars Today: Mom vs. Dad!

"sun square moon"

Moon square Sun alert!

The Moon is in Cancer and the Sun is in Aries. The Moon is Mom and the Sun is Dad. With the Moon in Cancer, Mom is easily hurt and will retreat into her shell but not before she makes sure that you know she’s been wounded!

The Moon is trine Chiron in Pisces now too. You can soothe your bellyaching in any number of ways. Find your natal Chiron for some keys and clues. I have an 8th House Chiron. Delving deep soothes me. Psychoanalysis! My boyfriend would no doubt prefer that PSYCHOanalysis didn’t soothe me so 😉

A more troubling aspect of course is the Cancer Moon applying in opposition to Pluto. Cancer Moon is cranky and Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld. Hard to dry your tears with that! What’s the solution? Well you could 1. retreat even deeper into your shell to avoid all Pluto people and Pluto problems today or you could 2. bake Pluto a cake or 3. bake a PLUTO CAKE  4. observe. That’s right. Observe. Whatever comes up.

(Libra peeps may feel the Moon in Cancer especially so today, may feel especially emotional (ew!) because they are caught up in this cardinal tsquare and their Libra stuff makes the configuration a grand cross.)

Observation is the 1st step to a mindful life and mindful life is necessary if you want get a clue about why you do or think absolutely anything. And why would you do that? For freedom’s sake. Because you want to be free from that which crushes you or keeps you prisoner.

Is this something you’re after? Does such freedom interest you? What does? 


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