The Stars Today: Mercury Trine Saturn

The Moon is void of course in Pisces. All day! So you *may* feel a little thwarted in your efforts. Doesn’t enter Aries until nearly 9 pm in the Big City.

Mercury trines Saturn mid-afternoon though. Mercury is mind and Saturn is structure. These two are happy together. My favorite metaphor: you build! Mercury in Pisces gets the support it needs as it goes deeper and deeper. And deeper! SCORPIO!

For me it’s my 7th House and 3rd House.

Do you have a problem that needs solving in your Pisces/Scorpio Houses? Trines are flowing streams. Cancer is the empty sign to this trine. There could be a clue there as well.


I want to draw a few cards for the energy around Valentine’s Day. It’s not a bad day. Moon in Aries. Good aspects, sextiles. Even the day after is free from sky-drama.

This spread though is for those who get sad, whether they are coupled or not.

3 Cards for Brain, Bone, Blood. That’s my version of Mind, Body, Spirit.

Well, my dear, your mind is sound. I think the problem is that you don’t know what you want. If you knew what you wanted, you could have it. And I think you didn’t realize that was the case until you read it here!

Your body, too, is in good shape. Health. You aren’t repressing or giving too much at this time (but more about that in a moment). Balance is good. Mind and body are working together.

I also see the need for magic mind. Again, can you get clear on your desire? Mercury trine Saturn today can help with this. Focus. Intend this.

Spirit is the cranky part. Not bad but… there’s feisty energy here. Emergence. Spirit/soul is not at rest. Mind is good, sound. Body is working properly. But.. the highest levels, the soul-level…

Ah. I know what this means.

Meditation, prayer. Re-connect. Not because you are weak or far from Source energy but because you are pushing through barriers now and why not enlist the angels?

And this: you are strong enough to give more. The problem with people like you 😉 is that you give in the wrong way. You have to learn to give in the right way. It’s not about sacrifice, intensity, or making yourself sick.  It’s about love. Love and then letting go.

Does this ring true for you? 


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