The Stars Today: Eating Your Emotions Is Sometimes The Right Thing To Do

"uranus square pluto"

Now hmm what kind of conversations have *you* been having today? What kinds of thoughts? 

Mercury (how you think, how you say it) in vulnerable hard-shelled Cancer is opposing secret-exposing Pluto and squaring don’t-tell-me-what-to-do Uranus.

I’ve been MORE talkative, more social the last couple days which makes sense for a Uranus transit. And work has been a bit busy today but not much else to report. Not that I mind. And the day is still young (knock on wood she said, quivering in her summer sandals ;))

The Gemini Sun is trine Saturn which feels like a plan to me. Do you have one? Do you want one? This energy is active tomorrow too.

Venus retrograde is backing away from a square to Mars and this tells me that love is a little bit less on your mind today. Maybe work has your attention. Or dinner. Or all the little details. Moon is in Pisces so tuning-in is favored. Tuning-in to what? Whatever you seek to understand that has eluded you.

Mercury trine Chiron, Uranus square Pluto:  make a feast of your difficulties, your complications, your edge. Swallow it all, no matter the taste. Savor it.

Can you imagine this dinner party? A place set for self-pity. A place set for the one that got away. A place set for the Visa bill. A place set for your Daddy issues 😉 All of it. Out in the open and perfectly seasoned. Knife and fork by your side. Open wide. 🙂

People are always telling us to release and shift. I tell people this too. Master the energy, transform it, move it out!

But sometimes, especially when we move from Gemini time to Cancer time, we need to stop, sit down, and EAT!

What’s for dinner? 

Love, MP

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