The Stars Today: Mercury Enters Virgo!

"mars in scorpio"Life, my friends, is about time management. Or the lack of it.

And I’ve had a busy week. Last weekend I was sick. During the week I had rehearsal for my play. And in between all that was my work, doing readings and running my first class in my virtual MoonPluto Land classroom.

I’m not complaining. Just thinking about Time Management and Mercury entering Virgo later today and how this placement coupled with Mars in Scorpio requires thinking and action that is… not sloppy.

Mercury in Virgo and Mars in Scorpio will not let you get away with A N Y T H I N G. Sun in Virgo too. Transiting Node has backed into Scorpio as well.

I feel like we’re being set up. Set up for accomplishment. But WHERE it will happen is different for each of us. These are HOT aspects and by hot I mean… precise and full of power.

Love, MP


If you are interested in the next MoonPluto Land class please email me. Will send you info and the link to my most recent post about it. Fee is $100. Class size is 10 maximum but the class WILL happen with 5 folks either way. Start date: week of September 15th. Topic: Creativity! Your 5th House, your North Node, your life as a work of art. I don’t mind a small class. Means we can go DEEP into the charts. There will be a lot of natal chart work around these topics. Doesn’t matter if you consider yourself an artist. What matters is that you are, at least, somewhat obsessed with the creative process 🙂