The Stars Today: Mercury Enters Libra!

"mercury in libra"The transition is here. It’s happening.

The weather gets cooler and we all feel it right away, me and the cats, my little coven ๐Ÿ˜‰

What I did about the cooler weather, last month, was get sick. Every weekend. Last month when the first changes started to happen, my body reacted, overreacted, as if in preparation for the coming cold. Hibernation. My routine hadn’t changed much but even simple things would exhaust me. I feel better now. I’m there.

And the cats are bouncing through the apartment first thing in the morning. They feel it too.


I felt yesterday’s New Moon (on my Pluto, like so many of us) intensely. It was on my Moon as well.

The Moon is void of course right now, resting, not making any major aspects.

She will enter Libra in an hour, a Venus ruled sign.

Did you know that Venus rules kindness? And invitations? Companionship. Celebration. Forget the Moon for a moment. Where is transiting Venus in your chart? Venus in Leo. Where are you celebrating now?

The Moon tonight will pass through the cardinal Uranus Pluto square as she usually does when she’s in this sign, the sign of the sweet and delicate gesture. Venus people (Libra or Taurus) have this sweetness to them. Affable. No matter what else lurks beneath ๐Ÿ˜‰ Venus attracts.

And when Mercury, the mind, shifts into Libra tonight we could say… partnership! We could say love! We could say, Hey you! Over there!

Justice. The law. Indecision. Wavering. Seeing both sides. (Are there always two sides? I’m not a Libra.) We could say… an Aries who went to charm school.ย 

What I know of Libra is delicious to touch and taste but there’s a thinker inside that vessel. And a strategist. And Libra is Venus is the mirror, who must learn how to be rather than to merely reflect… who others want you to be. What they see.

Be nice to people during Libra Season but be genuinely nice. Not the surface version. Genuine kindness. And to yourself too. And not the surface version.

Genuine. Kindness.

Love, MP

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