The Stars Today: Mars Quincunx Chiron

I posted this on Facebook: 

No wonder I feel more calm – Moon in Scorpio sextiles Capricorn instead of squaring it (which the Moon in Libra was doing).

It was just too much fuel on the holiday fire! We all would have been better off perhaps to have spent Christmas in isolation. (Interesting – I pulled the courageous Queen of Wands for myself.)


There is a Mars Chiron quincunx today – Libra and Pisces.

Ever have a conversation with a Libra/7th House person?

Often (not always, but often) they will argue points that THEY don’t even believe. It’s this reflex. To balance out the conversation/argument. To show the other side. Can’t let that scale tip too much over ::here:: or over ::there::

This is VERY different than what Virgo does. Virgo seeks clarity, to understand and refine a point. Virgo removes the fat. This is different than what Scorpio does – Scorpio underhandedly or openly draws your secrets out for you (and possibly others) to see.

Libra’s goal: to give voice to THE OTHER SIDE of the argument. EVEN WHEN THERE IS NO OTHER SIDE (lol) which is why Libra (god bless ’em) can be so maddening  to those of us who only “debate” when we feel truly MOVED. Libra is an Air sign. Do they ever feel truly moved? (Kidding!!) But still — water is the world of feelings. Libra is an intellectual, a logician. They seek symmetry, not just in conversation and words but in the world around them. They oppose Aries on the wheel. Aries is straightforward. Libra is roundabout but MAKE NO MISTAKE: they want what they want!! They just may not tell you directly. (And, actually, I do find Libra folk to be quite sensitive and endearing — but I tease.)

Of course ALL the signs have their maddening sides  And where would we be without a little Libran sugar?

Mars in Libra today making a tense aspect to Chiron in Pisces tells me — your sweetness will not be met with a smile today  but painful confusion. Be clear in your dealings for best results.

ETA: I think my blog post here (which comes from an earlier FB post) just barely scratches the surface of Mars Chiron. Such an aspect can be pretty brutal in the natal or between charts (synastry). But by transit I think your mileage will vary very much. Still it’s like this: are we okay? Are we not okay? A bit of the teeter totter in terms of your nearest and dearest. Like you are THIS CLOSE to hurting someone’s feelings. THIS. CLOSE.


MOVEMENT AND MEDITATION — my new chat room/secret group is OPEN.

I’m going to be starting a new “chat room” — folks who are already in my other rooms can join this one free of charge.

For newcomers it’s $25 per month. Not sure how long it will last — but I’d like to keep it going throughout all of Mars in Libra — until summer 2014.

This room is for those who want to begin or continue/increase their meditation practice and are seeking a little support/encouragement.

The other purpose of the room is movement – if you have a fitness goal of any kind, you are welcome to discuss your goals, progress. No judgements allowed – whether you are training for a marathon or… doing 5 minutes on the elliptical.

Because I want to get steady and solid around both these matters in 2014 MY NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION.

Message me if you are interested. It’s a drop-in group, very informal.

Since I do astrology and tarot for a living, bringing all that to the room is fine, but the purpose of the space will be more for checking in with each other about our goals, encouragement.

I will probably bring inspirational quotes and stuff too (once the busy holiday season is over).

Why I got inspired to start this new room/group: because I seek liberation from pain and fear – more peace, less confusion, more calm, more knowledge, more clarity.

Also, another purpose to meditation — slows you down so you eventually (it works cumulatively) have more space in your life — and notice your life more. Observe your life more. So you can stop self-destructing–

I know of no other way, no better way. And this in combination with regular movement (walks, yoga, HITT, running, whatever it is you do) — can bring you balance, greater balance which then flows through your life entire.

This is NOT a weight loss group. Fine if that’s one of your goals but I don’t want scale/size obsession in there.

I don’t promise to bring you these results. That’s up to you. But I do offer a safe space to share your observations and goals — Consider the room your on-line diary, but with witnesses.

Love, MP


So a client texted me this morning wondering if I had any SPECIALS going on. So I created one for her, and for anyone who wants to partake! 

$50 by PayPal for a 45 minute Reading. Instant Message or Email or Phone. Order this reading TODAY OR TOMORROW but we don’t have to do the reading then — can do it after Christmas. 

Also, blog post to come announcing the new class Matthew and I will be doing in January. It is going to be AWESOME!

ETA: he just finished a blog post about it CLICK HERE 

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