The Stars Today: Mars Opposition Pluto!

Last night I felt my name. Aliza. Happy.

Mars is opposing Pluto right now. Mars is your rage. Pluto? Devastation, desolation. Death and rebirth. Mars is sex. Mars is the hero. Mars is YOU.

This aspect will be exact tomorrow so keep a cool head. Cancer to Capricorn. Mars in Cancer cries when he’s angry. Guns down the room and then feels guilty.

But here’s a Moon Pluto story for you. I have a Moon Pluto conjunction in my 1st House. Intense emotions, emotional storms.

Sometimes, in moments of emotional pain, I call out my mother’s name. I mean… I hear it in my head. “Mommy!” It just happens. Trying to remember the first time this happened. Happens when I feel embattled. And sometimes I wonder if it’s my mother or the cosmic mother I am calling.

Last night something interesting happened after some revelatory sex with my boyfriend in the wee hours. Again I heard this in my head. But it was different. I heard myself calling her name but then also, “I’m happy!” I was letting her know. Piercing the heavens.

With Mars in Cancer opposing Pluto, you will fuck or fight or comfort the dead. Maybe all of the above.


Love, MP


We have another week to go in the Venus and Mars class and I am thinking of doing a one-week of the Goddess Asteroids. If this interests you, please email me. With enough people we’ll do it!

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