The Stars Today: Mars Conjunct Saturn

"mars conjunct saturn"How’s your energy with Mercury now direct? 

Today is Day 3 of the 7 Day Cleanse, the purpose of which was to “work on” an attachment that I have that was causing me pain and frustration.

The goal was to “let it go” (let the intensity of the attachment go) through ritual, intention, visualization and on Tuesday night I landed on the image that I needed, that I would keep imagining. Like a friend I would call up throughout the day, all these 7 days.

But yesterday I was on the train and feeling INTENSE! And realizing that my meditation-visualization would NOT be enough. Too gentle I thought to myself.

That I also needed to chop down trees and whoa now that I realize it I think the Moon was in Taurus! Taurus loves the natural world. Taurus IS the natural, sensual, earthy world! But I wasn’t hugging the trees I was assaulting them!


And I thought to myself: since I can’t chop down trees, I need to walk for miles. And miles. And miles. One foot in front of the other. FOR MILES. 😉

The body must be used. It’s your release point. Not just the sweat but the movement.

You can imagine your attachment escaping, dissolving (notice the 12th House keywords) from the top of your head or through your feet or from your nostrils or just below.

Find a release point, the attachment dissolving like smoke. 

Release and relief with every step. I even recommend walking (compared to other exercise) for this 7 Day ritual.

I am happy to say, however, that I feel less intense today 🙂 But I will do my walking and my meditation. 

Meditation time for today will be at 7pm (Eastern time) for 15 minutes. There may be earlier periods. I will announce them on my Facebook Page. When you meditate with others, even across the miles, you raise energy, good sweet energy which can thus be directed for healing. Edgar Cayce believed this and so do I.  


The Stars Today: Mars is conjunct Saturn.  Not exact but on the way!

Mars is GO and Saturn is STOP and frustration is the result. BUT it’s Mars that is faster moving here and passing over Saturn so… I think it’s a good thing, honestly. Mars is coming to jostle and cajole all the ways you are restricting yourself and feel restricted at this time. It’s a burst of energy in an unlikely place perhaps. You may feel shaken in that part of your chart.

And in Libra? Yeah, you may feel edgy and fight with people. Sorry about that. I know I felt this way yesterday: cranky and domineering and desperate to assert myself and establish boundaries.

The more planets you have around 20 -24 degrees of Cardinal signs, the crankier you may feel.

Otherwise: Moon in Taurus means satiation is possible. Feed yourself. Move slowly through the world despite any frantic people in your way.  Take your time 🙂

Love, MP

PS Yes you can still join the Private Discussion Group/Class. Email me for details moonpluto@gmail

We are starting Tues or Wednesday of next week.

For people who have inquired and are considering it, please try to update me by Sunday or Monday 🙂

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