The Stars Today: Marry It!

"mercury opposing uranus"The Moon in Scorpio is conjunct Mars now. Almost there 😉

Raw power in the sign of your changing.

This also feels like a sex aspect to me i.e. UNION. Moon is the female. Mars is the male. In Scorpio? Do I need to spell it out for you?

Another way to look at it: Moon and Mars together is your emotional life and your physical life, good, bad, or neutral depending on what it’s aspecting in your chart. Venus in Leo is squaring them. How’s your love life? How do you feel about it? Supposedly Venus is love and Mars is sex but I believe Venus has more to do with sex than we usually give her credit.

Another question: are things changing for you there? Where you have Scorpio in your chart?  Pay close attention. Mars heads to Sagittarius soon enough but the transiting Node in Scorpio has a longer stay. Commit.

The Sun is spending his last days in Virgo. Mercury is beginning his time in Libra. Venus in Leo, halfway through, a taste of summer in the almost fall. Revisit your chart. From the maiden (Virgo) to the marriage (Libra).

Uranus square Pluto is a story you know by heart already, right? No? What are you not paying attention to? Pay attention THERE. That part of your life is moving again (where Pluto went direct) although this may only mean that you are THINKING about it again. Intensely. Obsessively. Pluto rules obsession.

When you feel badly about what you did not manifest (yet?) in this lifetime, then MARRY what you have, what is there.

Saturn leaves Libra for Scorpio next month. Don’t be left stranded in your life. Marry it.


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