The Stars Today: Manifest Harmony!

"mars trine moon"I like this sky. I like this sky a lot. ALL our personal planets are in earth and water. I’m at home. I remember over the summer, when the Sun was in Cancer and the sky was air and fire. There was no place to land.

I wrote someone an email today: I feel happy was the way it began. And, sure, circumstances are okay. No complaints. Work and art are… flowing. But I know that it’s also the sky. As I type this, Moon is in Pisces, Mars is in Scorpio, Venus is in Cancer. The Sun and Mercury are in Virgo.

And I know Mercury opposed Neptune and will oppose Chiron and people will be talking about and thinking about painful subjects but with Neptune you can… float away. Watch a movie. Venus is in Cancer so cook something. I made tomato sauce for the first time today 🙂

So what to do if YOU aren’t feeling this water bliss? Good question.

Well, Virgo would want you to notice the little things, but not to the point of hairsplitting. Remember Jupiter IS in Gemini. Many things. Many BIG pictures. Pick one. And then another. Focus and then look away.

And Mars in Scorpio wants your deep deep… mojo. Again there’s that word: focus. The laser razor focus. On what?

It’s kinda like… whatever you set your mind to today… you will accomplish. Whether it’s feeling good or freaking out. You will manifest.

I’m not even bothered by the Venus Saturn square that’s currently building in the sky. Serious love? Fine with me. Love that’s delayed but worth the wait? I’ll take it too. Saturn is hard and so is the square. Venus, love, can feel crushed. The solution is to LOVE MORE. Without fear. Try it.

Love, MP