The Stars Today: Making Friends With Doubt

"full moon in aries"I believe it. That when the Sun changes signs, our concerns change. We start thinking about other stuff 🙂

If you think of Virgo as service to others, assistance, but also about refining the Self, think of the switch to Libra as also about other people but not service, per se. More about… companionship. Company.

Are you alone? Do you want to be alone? Do you NOT want to be alone? How do you define alone? Is friendship enough? Is partnership enough? What are you lacking? Anything?

The Sun entering Libra wants to know if you are lonely. Libra’s symbol is the scales. What is out of balance in your life? What is just right? And how do you know?

I know, I know, I ask a lot of questions. Pick and choose the ones you want. We’re all free here.


Today is the 2nd Day of my 2nd Class (on creativity and the 5th House) in MoonPlutoLand a.k.a. MoonPluto’s School for Magic and Healing. Yeah, that’s how I think about it. We’re ALL in school (me too). Learning from each other. Making sense of our lives. Not making sense of our lives.

And I learned from the previous class how to better run *this* class, I think. The topic is focused; the topic is deep. I’m doing my little “lectures” 😉 and will be examining charts. Hopefully inspiring people to… think. Not that they don’t think. They do. But to think about their charts and their creativity in new ways. I’m not the fire. These women are the fire. But I can light a match. Give a little light. And it comes back to me so I can see better too.

And then comes the magic part. To help folks dissolve what they perceive as their creative “obstacles,” but how we do this is going to remain secret for now 🙂

And to go slow. Not overwhelm folks with information. To be more BALANCED. Libra Season ahoy!


So I gave my fearless companions a little written exercise and they took it to heart. They responded and self-doubt seemed to come up a lot in their findings. Feelings of self-doubt that created a boundary around their natural power and fearlessness. What to do? 

And I thought, okay, this is a process:

1. transform the doubt itself

2. use the doubt itself TO create

And how using the doubt itself TRANSFORMS it

In other words, if you feel scared and unsure, take it with you. 

Another interesting thing that happened today was the ancestors. I started seeing ancestors (generally speaking) in the Tarot draws. Seeing links between folks’ innate gifts and their blood-ties, the past, their people. Funny how that works. I mean, we all have complex relationships with our family right? Good, bad, neutral. And to think that you are connected… in these mysterious or not so mysterious ways… to your past-people. And this, actually, doesn’t have to be through blood.

Already, of course, I am fantasizing about the 3rd Class but I know I must focus (transiting Mars in Scorpio making nice aspects to my natal!).


What do you think about doubt? About… rearranging it? Or about leaving it just as it is (total self-acceptance) but STILL moving forward.

Focus is another theme. Focus, fearlessness, the 5th House being the seat of your bravery (i.e. Leo!). One gal had an aha moment. She said: here I am talking about arts and crafts and you mean LIFE. Life as a work of art.

Listen. It’s BOTH.

So this is what I’m up to these days. And I am telling you this as much as I am telling my ancestors. The other day was my father’s yartzeit. This is what I’m up to.


What’s the astrology? The Moon is in sweeping, rolling, expansive Sagittarius. We feel our ideas. Our ideas are grand 🙂 Philosophize to your heart’s content 🙂

And as the Sun enters the sign of relationships, and justice, and diamonds 🙂 and Mercury is already there, and Saturn is packing his bags, and you are contemplating the nature of your loneliness…

What have you learned?

You know what I learned? That I’m okay. Funny, it was a Libra who recently told me that. 🙂 And when I read these words back to myself I hear inside me: of course you’re okay. How could you *ever* feel otherwise? 


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