The Stars Today: Let’s Get Lost

"moon in scorpio"

I took the long way today. Do you ever take the long way?

I was heading to Christopher Street in the Village and switching trains when I realized that I’d made a mistake. The train I was on was the one that I needed.

So I decided to walk. I knew it wouldn’t be far. And maybe I would even enjoy it. Walking up West Broadway, past the cafes near Franklin and the road to Chinatown on Canal, and the galleries of Spring, all the way past a typical summer street festival near Christopher. It’s going to be a hot day. It’s hot already. Empanada, empanada, empanada.

The Sun is trine Chiron now and it’s exact at 9 degrees. The Sun is one degree past opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus. The t-squaring energy has shifted. I don’t feel caught up in it now like a flailing fish (or crab) in a net. The trine to Chiron is aloe and lavender after the burn. The healing (Chiron) energy (trine) of the Sun (in Cancer) is the balm.


Sky-wise, otherwise: One more degree and the alluring Moon in Scorpio will sextile hyperactive Mars in Virgo: mood and motion are in sync. A good day for detail. A good day for good sex. Or do like I’m doing — go for a search and discovery walk, and leave the brooding at home.

Love, MP

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