The Stars Today: In The Eye

"venus in cancer"My Facebook Page (click here for the link) has been a lot of fun lately and my Facebook Page links to my Twitter so following either page works but lately in the evening I put up a few tweets or updates and then it snowballs. People start responding or retweeting and then it grows. The other night was talking about Pluto in the Houses and then last night, in honor of the Moon in Pisces, I started tweeting Pisces/Neptune/12th House tweets.

Could all this mental activity be due to the very Airy Firey sky going on? Moon in Pisces (today again) throws some water on all that but not to dull the fire. Instead, to make it shine and give it even more life.

I predicted yesterday it would be a quiet weekend for many of you. In my book here I’ve got that the Moon squared Jupiter earlier this morning and that’s about it for exact aspects today.

Mercury does turn direct next week. Venus enters Cancer and into the Pluto Uranus square as well (and Mars will conjunct Saturn) but for the moment… there’s a stability to the formlessness and lack of intensity.

Let’s draw a couple more cards for the weekend. I have something that I’m worried about actually so I am going to draw these cards with that intention. So consider this General WorryDoll Weekend Advice:

Well, the cards show things working out for the best but I admit I’m still not feeling it. The cards also show the extreme worry (we got THREE Swordsy worry cards IN A ROW). But then we also got happy pentacles (earthly  manifestation, real world, making it happen) AND two positive major arcana cards, showing not only harmony but again manifestation. The cards show that things will get back on track and in a larger, more stable way. No Cups cards this morning. Maybe that’s why I’m not feeling it! Cups = our feelings.

To get through this tricky time, work with your mind and don’t rush around in a  flurry of activity but when you feel that Extreme Self-Doubt moving in like a hurricane, instead of needing to take shelter from it, go into the EYE.

Sit down in there and find your root, immoveable tree that you are. Steady, stable, solid. You will not fall. You will not break.

One more card for timing. When will you feel set right again? The Sun. Sooner than you think.

Love, MP

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