The Stars Today! Horseradish

"moon in cancer"Good Morning beautiful people! Stargazers, sweet tooths, and everyone else 🙂

I didn’t blog not a whit yesterday although I had ideas while I was on the road.

But first: some STARS!

I wrote about the Cardinal T-square here, which will become a Grand Cross when the Moon enters Cancer tonight (NYC time). Otherwise, Mercury is retrograde, Uranus is retrograde, Neptune and Pluto: both retrograde. Chiron too.

Do you feel like you are moving forward? You don’t NEED TO. Not right now. Saturn however is direct!! AND moved a degree since its station and the Sun in Cancer reminds us that home and family (however you define it) are there for you even if your ideal isn’t where you are living. It IS within reach. Build it says Saturn.

The energy out there is edgy and clogged and when I want to feel like I’m moving forward, I remember the wise words of Celia, a therapist of mine from years ago:

1. show up

2. find your truth

3. don’t get attached to results

Which reminds me of something very Cancerian. Was digging through my storage boxes yesterday, searching for some DVDs that I borrowed from a friend and found some loose papers in a baggie. Those words from Celia, in her handwriting, were among them. Buried treasure!

It’s a horseradish day. Tasty for the brave!

What’s on your to-do list?

Love, MP

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