The Stars Today: Moon In Cancer

"saturn in scorpio"There’s this urge to RUN. When those feelings come. Could be sadness for one person. Fear for another. Anger. I’ve known people who can’t bear to feel angry or experience it in others. So then comes the distraction and the distraction can be in the form of work or worry, fantasy of all kinds. Anything to not be in the moment and I’m not criticizing.

I’m looking at the carpet. I hate carpet 😉 but this carpet is here and it needs me to vacuum so I feel, even with this, a feeling of “not here. Why am I here.” I even want to run from the reality of this carpet with its fuzzy wuzzies and dust and I remember when we had fleas and I remember other bugs from a different apartment and something about home feels… not safe. Always on the verge of chaos and needing to run. Pluto is FINALLY leaving my 4th House. I think this has something to do with it. I don’t leave with a plan and a purpose. I’ve left because I had to.

The Moon is in Cancer now and Cancer rules the feelings, moods, instincts, but also the masses and the public. The more vulnerable (Cancerian) you are, the more some people want a piece, they sense your intuition, assume you’re a delicacy 😉

My advice for the day is to be at home wherever you are. And yes you may resist but Cancer carries her home on her back and you can too. Maybe you feel like a stranger on this earth, alien, but you can find your place. I know I know I know I know you don’t have everything you need (Cancer NEEDS) and you’re worried about the future, but what choice is there? You can either run…. or you can sit down and make a fire 🙂 Soon enough the Moon will enter Leo and you’ll need that warming light.



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