The Stars Today: Happy New Year’s Eve :)

Hello and New Year tidings from the Big City 🙂

How are you feeling? I am feeling much better and no wonder: the Moon is in loving Leo and will trine Venus in Sagittarius (before going void of course in the later afternoon). Moon trine Venus is romantic and gentle but fun in fire signs, the girl in the most charismatic dress.

Also, tonight, the Mars Uranus sextile is exact so the extra snap crackle you are feeling? I feel it too. And if you don’t feel it? Then maybe you need a hug 🙂 Moon in Leo is good for that. If what you feel though is frustration, do get out for a brisk walk if you can. Mars Uranus (over stimulation) can be accident prone but the sextile is a soft/smooth aspect.

And speaking of Leo, one of my favorite people has Leo Rising and I remember the first time I met her I just KNEW that I was definitely NOT a Leo Rising (something I used to wonder) because she sparkled so, not only her eyes, but from the inside, bright, inviting, warm sunny sparkles.

Other star news: Mercury shifted from Sagittarius to Capricorn this morning. It’s not that the party is over, but the sober guests are showing up now. Make them feel at home. They may want to talk business but depending on where Capricorn is in your chart, they may discuss something else. Capricorn is my 5th House so the focus will still be on love for me (whoo too! Love!) in January with Mercury and then Venus…

Got plans tonight? I’ll be staying in. My idea of fun at the moment is being grateful that I’m feeling better 🙂 and catching up with work and maybe even a nap for the void-of-course Moon in Leo.

Happy New Year!

And much love to my clients and readers and friends. Wishing you a sweet and beautiful 2013, a year of easy tests, revealed good, wealth, health, love , safety, and peace.


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