The Stars Today: Grand Trine In Earth

"moon in virgo"
Always loved this pic: Keith Richards (Sag Sun/Virgo Moon) with g/f Patti Hansen - 1981

What happens when our people die, or when our companion animals die, is that they come with us, they become part of us in a new way — in some ways it’s better.

That sounds odd to say because I rather have my mother here than not here but I am wondering these weeks after my grandfather’s death if… I am receiving something now that I couldn’t, didn’t, receive before.

Right now it’s just… traces… but I expect a clearer revelation or shape eventually. No answer to all the riddles but… a new layer of spirit in me. Makes me think of those pictures in geology textbooks: layers of strata. Or, for my Mars in Cancer, layers of cake.


The Moon is in Virgo now, squaring Mercury in Sagittarius. Thoughtless words may come out and then be regretted.

This Moon will conjunct Mars and more thoughtless words may come out as Moon squares the Sun in Sagittarius later on so… go slow.

Moon trines Pluto though, exact now, and pulls in retrograde Jupiter in Taurus so we’re in Grand Trine Land, my favorite place, way more than Epcot. (Does Epcot still exist? What the hell is an Epcot anyway? I remember loving the Imagination ride.)

What do you want to do with this practical, intense Grand Earth energy? It’s Big-Energy energy, but also skillful.

Moon (feelings), Pluto (Free-flowingness, to use a Hickey word) and Jupiter (INFLATING!). Thinking of those balloons before the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Venus in Capricorn at higher degrees adds in even more earth. Are you feeling more steady and stable? Or has the fire got you flickering still? Or maybe a bit of both, like me, kind of anxious but still… doing what I need to do.

The New Moon in Capricorn is coming. Jupiter direct is coming. 2012 is coming, whoa!

Jupiter is in opposition to Saturn: early Taurus i.e. late Aries vs. late Libra: expanding and contracting which is reminding me of something pumping, like a heart of course.

I am thinking about duality a lot lately, thus the first paragraph of this post: the living and the dead, action and thought, active and passive… and the transformation that takes place when we don’t merely blend two sides but… create something new and how that new thing gets created. For me, it takes work. I can get inspired in an instant but the manifestation takes work, concentration, effort… which is perfect for   the earth energy today.  Manifestation, ahoy!

What will the New Year bring you? What do you want? 

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