The Stars Today! Grand Illusion

"mercury retrograde in leo"

Get drunk without drinking is what I think of when I think of Jupiter square Neptune.Β 

Jupiter is grand. Neptune is illusion. But it can also be a big secret, a great escape, giving that guy on the train, the one without shoes, the one who is asking, giving him $10 or $100 instead of 10 cents. Generosity of spirit.

Squares cause tension. And with Jupiter involved? Excess, extravagance. Too much. Largesse. πŸ™‚

Or maybe it really IS the right amount.

There are different ways it can go but check your own chart for more details.

What do you have at the early degrees of the mutable signs? Those planets are hitching a ride on this transit.

Otherwise: we swim into Cancer Season (horrible phrase, I know). The Moon is in Virgo, on her way to a Mars conjunction and that’s a lot of intensity for late-degree Pluto in Virgo people. You may wanna stay in tonight if you can!

Mercury at the last degree of Cancer. He enters Leo, the sign of the King, tonight. Your words will have flash and panache in the coming days. Until the retrograde πŸ˜‰

Venus rx at 7 degrees Gemini but going direct this week (YES!).

Saturn is direct in Libra. I still can’t believe it. It’s been quite a Saturn transit, quite a retrograde, quite a year. And the changes and new information and transitions just keep stacking up.

Are you feeling this too?

Find this degree in your chart: 22. Got anything there? At 23, 24, 25, and up. He’s already hit these degrees in your chart and here he comes again.

The story continues.


Love, MP

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