The Stars Today! Grace And Ginger

"mars in libra"I was tweeting last night that the skies to me feel like a Mama Cat (Sun in Cancer) tsk-tsking her randy kittens. It’s frisky weather!

Mercury in Fire, Mars in Air, Venus in Air. There’s a party going on and Mama may or may not be invited.

Mercury and Venus are tightly sextile as I write this. It’s a charming aspect. Babies born today will be able to sell sunshine to Floridians. It’s a possible con-man aspect or just a good talker/writer/singer. Maybe some of both, depending on the rest of the chart.

Transits to watch in the coming days and the energy is building now but not peaking yet: Mars in Libra will 1. trine Jupiter and 2. trine Venus and 3. oppose Uranus and 4. square Pluto! 5. square the Sun!

Eek! Now that’s a lot of energy swirling around your chart, especially if you have planets in cardinal signs around 6//7/8 degrees. Gemini and Sagittarius feel particularly supported to me though.

Find early Libra in your chart and you will find where your energy is going or will be going. It will be anything but neutral. Mars is desire. Mars is passion. And Libra is, on the one hand, the mirror and Β on the other hand, a commander! You will command that area of life where Mars is transiting.

Also, there’s an opportunity, to see deeply IN to that area of life where Mars is transiting your chart.

My advice for the time being is to enlist that charming con-man aspect that is happening now. Charm yourself. Charm the skies. Charm everyone within reach. What do I mean by this? Be sweet. Be nice. Be pleasant. Be fair. Be Libra. And keep your massive goals secret (Mars enters Scorpio next!).

It’s all very Ginger Rogers. Dancers work hard behind the scenes but their grace appears effortless.

Love, MP

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