The Stars Today: Gemini Square Virgo, Mercury Square Mercury

"mercury square mars"

Good morning Fellow Stargazers,

I am writing to  you from my new computer and I am overjoyed! For years I’ve been suffering under an inferior takes-30-minutes-to-warm-up PC (name of brand withheld, there were other problems too, many!) and this thing is a revelation.

What do the Stars say? Well when the Moon was in Leo I kinda had a fight with a friend about it. Not a fight- fight but he was giving me some advice, not bad advice, very practical advice but what he doesn’t understand is that my life is ruled by the practical. Virgo Rising! Also this computer issue wasn’t just about need and necessity, it was about the Moon in Leo: I DESERVE a decent computer. I DESERVE the BEST computer is what I told him. I made it emotional. I made it dramatic. The Moon was in Leo. And I don’t think I was wrong.

Uranus is in Aries. We want our technology (Uranus) fast (Aries). We want our Astrology (Uranus) fast (Aries). I can blog faster, literally, with this beautiful silver-winged machine. Now the Moon is in Virgo and I’m working, blogging. Later today need to install some software (oy) and I should probably do it before the Moon enters Libra and opposes Uranus because those could be some off the rails (Uranus) emotions (Moon). Or at least frazzled.

On the other hand though, Libra is “other people” and I’ll be needing “an other person” to help me with the technology. The opposition could be peaceful and balancing. This evening Mercury in Gemini squares Mars in Virgo –what you say vs. what you do. Where will you put your energy? Want to fly away? Or stay home and catalog the the post-its?

Which reminds me, I bought my computer from a gal, EXPERT sales assistant who… I started giving her an impromptu astrology reading. I couldn’t help it. When it came time to play around with the machine, what better than to visit an astrology website? And I just get curious if I talk to anyone for any length of time. I guessed her Gemini Rising (she looked the part) and actually she looked typically Virgo too (which I would not have guessed). And, dear reader, I trusted her, trusted her skills, her knowledge, even more once I knew she was a Virgo. So let that be a lesson to anyone out there who own a business,okay? Hire a Virgo. They ooze integrity and smarts.

The skies these days mirror her chart. There is always tension between Gemini and Virgo even though they are both Mercury ruled. Gemini to me feels more about quickly selecting among the pretty options and counting the chickens long long LONG after they’ve hatched whereas Virgo will worry if the chickens’ feathers are good enough. You won’t necessarily be able to balance these. You’ll feel them both. And keeping busy is the wisdom here… because then you’ll notice it less perhaps 😉

Do you talk about Astrology in your day to day life?

Love, MP

Yes I will be doing Mini-Moon Readings for the Full Moon in Sagittarius (Eclipse!) 

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