The Stars Today! Gemini Junk! Grand Trine In Earth!

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Barbra Streisand, Taurus

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Sun in Taurus, Mars in Virgo, Pluto in Capricorn: Grand Trine in Earth so please take out your chart from its sleeve and get a snack of course and reacquaint yourself with the houses involved. You may feel stuck or you may feel stable. Practical. Grounded. Earthy? ABLE.

Jupiter and Venus were in this Grand Trine before but now it’s the Sun in Taurus. You may have some very welcome deja vu in these houses and areas of life, hmmm.


The Moon enters Gemini at around 1pm today, Big City time and the Moon won’t conjunct Venus until tomorrow. Before then, this evening, she’ll square Neptune and square Mars.

How will this feel? You may idealize what you haven’t been able to accomplish, and the thing is this: maybe you’re NOT supposed to go there YET. More information is needed. Gemini will find it.


I do declare says Moon Pluto that this Venus in Gemini transit is the most important transit this spring/summer, the one to watch. She will traipse in her clicky sandals back and forth over your Gemini junk. Is she merely a busy bee? Or does she have the 411?

You probably won’t know the answer until she enters Cancer, home.


PS And those with a natal Venus retrograde? Pay extra close attention.

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