The Stars Today: Fun With Moon Conjunct Pluto!

"moon conjunct pluto"

Just a quickie post before I head out into the Winter Wonderland as I notice the Moon is conjunct Pluto right now.

Moon Pluto conjunctions equal emotional intensity. It is a yin aspect, receptive, intuitive. If you have this in the natal, the house it’s in and the aspects to it will tell the story of course. By transit then, those with the natal aspect get a little kick (which one may or may not enjoy, depending).

How best to use this energy? Depth-work. If there is something you’d like to explore, beneath the surface, deep sea diving into the muck or into the mine — this energy will assist.

And if this is all too vague for you to relate to, use your imaginative forces (to use Edgar Cayce’s phrase). For example, let’s say you have a problem you would like to solve today. Or if not solve, at least squeeze a little wisdom out of the sitch.

Well, Moon Pluto is your cosmic assist today, your x-ray googles, your third eye, your scalpel and your beacon: the sharp knife shines a light, right? You can see your reflection in it, check for food in your teeth — but don’t stop there. Apply the Moon Pluto energy like a compress and soak up, absorb, what you receive and yes I am assuming you will receive a response, information, a message.

Today it will take less de-coding than usual so have at it, kids! Tune in!


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