The Stars Today: Fold The Laundry

"mercury retrograde in leo"Do you ever have a crisis of faith?

And then look for the transit? Or not look for the transit?

My clients often ask the questions that I have asked myself: will I make it? Will I live it? Will I get there? Will my dreams come true? And if so, WHEN?

Process is what I understand most: the way there. And sometimes I feel like I chronicle the lives of others here, not just my own. I hear so many stories. They become one big story sometimes.

The Moon is in Leo and I hope wherever you are tonight, that you can be yourself in all your purring glory, whether you’ve “made it” yet or not. That you have just the right amount of attention and appreciation… and then maybe a little more πŸ™‚

The Moon will conjunct Mercury retrograde. She’ll sextile Jupiter and Venus. She’ll sextile Mars. A bright shiny sky.

And yet with none of the faster moving planets in earth signs, some of us may feel at a loss, no matter how pretty. You may feel impractical, distracted.

My adviceΒ for anyone suffering a crisis of faith today/tomorrow is to call on Saturn. Saturn’s ruler is Capricorn and Capricorn opposes Cancer, where the Sun is. Do something solid, sturdy, maybe even boring. Fold the laundry. This may sound more like Moon in Virgo talk but my point is to do something simple and… real.

And okay okay okay since the Moon is in Leo, fold the laundry in your tiara.

You do have a tiara, don’t you?

Love, MP

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