The Stars Today: Fire!

"new moon in libra"The Moon in Leo is trine Mars and Uranus today, a Grand Trine in fire, and it’s a rainy day in the Big City 🙂

Last night, in class, someone mentioned having a lousy bunch of days despite the good sky transits. Well, what matters most is how the planets are aspecting *your* chart. For example, if this Grand Trine in fire is making a mess of your planets, you ain’t gonna feel all fire-trine-happy.

Still, this is what astrology bloggers do; we talk about the sky in abstract and remind you to check your own chart.

I have a feeling, too, that Scorpio may be making hard aspects to her chart — we’ve got Saturn, Mercury, and the transiting Node there.

If you are looking for a little sweetness though, do seek out 22 Libra in your life because that’s the New Moon degree next Monday, and make a wish 🙂



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