The Stars Today! Feelings, Memories, Mercury In Cancer

"mercury square saturn"

So I was at the dentist’s today, sitting in the dentist chair, lying back, and the view from his window is of a tall tall building which is always being worked on. And I mentioned that to him and he said For 20 years! I’ve been here 20 years. That they’ve been working on the building for that long.

And I thought hmmm now there’s a metaphor. Things CAN take that long to finish or to get going.

And as I was lying there and he was cleaning my teeth and scraping my teeth 😉 my sense of humor emerged as he mentioned that some of my calculus was like concrete (I guess that’s *his* sense of humor) and I said to him, well if it’s too hard to do, you can just leave it and I delighted in myself. He laughed.

It made me think about my family, my family’s sense of humor (wry and/or silly) and I thought about distance from family and who has gone and who remains and a client recently who said to me that obviously she had not manifested family in this lifetime but I do not recall any sadness in her voice when she said this.

The Moon and Mercury are sextiling right now so your feelings and your thoughts are okay with each other. No in-fighting 🙂

And Mercury is heading to sextile Mars in Virgo (your feelings + what you feel like doing or have to do!) but square Saturn in Libra (hard to find the words or hard to get moving).

I don’t worry much about Mercury squares by transit unless there’s other tricky stuff going on in the chart so my Mercury in Cancer wisdom is to be Mercury in Cancer because soon enough Mercury will be in Leo, which is an extroverted energy vs. Cancer’s interior wisdom.

Don’t miss this transit. Cling all you want. Cry. Emote. Root around in the past. Overeat sweets. Tell your friends their fortunes 🙂 because Mercury in Cancer blesses us all with gentle insight.

Love, MP

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