The Stars Today: Fast Car!

"mercury trine uranus"Working from home means I can work anywhere. Have computer, will travel.

Now I’ve never been much of a traveler. Saturn (fear) lives in my 9th House of far away places but remember, always remember, that all our planets, signs, and houses have many keywords and Saturn isn’t only fear. Saturn is our work. I reckon I will travel more in my middle years. Saturn is father time.

Every morning I roll out of bed and roll to the desk. I may clean the cat box first. Maybe even wash the dishes. Make the bed. Gather the trash for when I head out. And definitely prepare my morning beverage 🙂 Green Tea today. What I often forget is to S L O W down before this flurry of household activity takes place.

Slowing down means paying attention means being aware of my body and being aware of how I feel.

Does anything hurt? Where does it hurt? Virgo types tend to do the body/mind/spirit scan, searching for places to worry about and the antidote to this is… not to linger. Keep going. Not to speed away but not to get stuck either.

So I roll out of bed, do my stuff, and head to the desk. I check email, Facebook/Twitter, and either begin readings or blog.

Good Morning, Stargazers! What does your morning look like?

At around 11:20 this morning, the Moon in Libra will go Void of Course. This means that the Moon is not making any major aspects to the other planets and the wisdom here is to take it easy if possible and don’t make any plans or vows. It’s a bit of a retrogradey feeling. And the challenge is that the Moon will be like this ALL DAY! Until 10:30 pm tonight.

Tonight the Moon enters compulsive Scorpio which could certainly make for some interesting dreams as she will trine Neptune retrograde straight away. Another tricky matter is that we have an early Void of Course Moon tomorrow as well, also in the later morning. It’s a fire and air sky so Water Moons have nothing to touch these days.

How to use this day? I’d say go about your business (talking about today as well as Thursday) and just be aware that you should be most active in the mornings (again, Eastern time) and if possible a bit more free-form the rest of the day.

Today’s Most Groovy Aspect which is in effect now:

Mercury retrograde trine Uranus retrograde! Mercury is your mind and Uranus is… also your mind but the genius parts of you. You will invent, you will create, you will inspire! You may have ideas from the past come up for review, but not just any ideas! The outlandish ones you KNEW were genius 🙂

Both Mercury and Uranus are FAST. Mercury rules cars so think of your little brain there like a little Mercury racetrack and Uranus cars are speeding through 🙂

Both of these bodies in retrograde and in trine tells me you won’t solve the problem now but that you will. Your world spins madly on and this is the top of the top. Spin it.

Do you have anything at 8 degrees? That’s where Mercury and Uranus are both hovering today.

Love, MP

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