The Stars Today: Emotional Rescue

"saturn direct"

Oh I just LOVE that people are taking my advice to heart to write.

I’ve got one, two, three (more?) people in the comments mentioning this. Awesome!

Jupiter is in Gemini! Big (Jupiter) Writing (Gemini)! Big words and big thoughts. Big mouths 🙂 I like it 🙂

Today’s Sky:

Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Cancer. We are all Moon-ruled (and mood-ruled) with this much sensitive Cancer energy.

The big news is really next week. Today feels like smooth sailing to me on those Cancery watery teary smiley loony waves 🙂 Home sweet home.

Mercury sextiles Mars: thought and expression marry. Your work is pleasant.

Moon and Mercury are done squaring Saturn so free your tender mind.

Sun is applying in trine to Neptune (it’s easy to talk to God under this aspect) and my body is baked from this heatwave taking over the Big City so I will keep it short tonight.

Here’s some homework though: feel free to share in the comments what you want to write, what you are thinking about writing, what you wrote about today.

I used to be poet. I used to be playwright. Maybe I’ll do both again someday. Maybe not. 🙂

Remember that Jupiter in Gemini will go retrograde eventually and you may return to a form of writing that you used to do or revise a piece that’s been in the drawer since… ???

Oh. Wait. There was something else I wanted to write about and I almost ended this post without remembering. It was about… being set free. I can feel it. I can feel the chains loosening.  Starting TODAY. And I can’t even tell you exactly what it is heavenwards that is causing this feeling but I bet you are feeling some of it too. I don’t even WANT to give it to one particular transit. It’s the cumulative energy.

Venus goes direct next week. Saturn goes direct next week. Other aspects challenge us or dazzle us but these two direct are ENOUGH I think to get us MOVING again.

Life, my friends, is many things, but the one thing it is NOT is predictable.

Love, MP

PS My blog is getting a makeover and I’m really happy with it. Stay tuned for my new look…

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