The Stars Today: Eh, Not So Bad!

"full moon in scorpio"

I’m a little under the weather this morning but wanted to check in with my peeps 🙂 See how everyone is doing.

How’s your Mars in Virgo (Direct!) challenge going?

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Mine is going pretty well and maybe why I feel sick. My body is doing a DETOX.

Today will be Day Three of No Smoking (using Homeopathy) and I also made a radical yet sensible change to the way I eat which I may (or may not!) discuss later.

Are you contemplating your Full Moon in Scorpio “intentions”? Purge? Cleanse? Let go?

I am planning a BIG ritual for myself. And by BIG I just mean… that I’m going to do one! I started this morning. It feels damn good. I can’t remember the last time I lit candles on my desk… because the last time I accidentally set my hair on fire.


The Stars Today: 

The Moon is ah yes Void of Course right now. She will move from vulnerable Cancer to big heart Leo a little after noon, Big City time.

Yesterday someone wrote me that she was feeling a little down and my first thought was Moon in Cancer! That’s why! Cancer Suns, Risings, Moons... pay attention to the Moon cycle.

Void of Course Moons are times to “do nothing” or NOT start new projects. Don’t make plans on a Void of Course Moon either (goes the wisdom) because it won’t work out!

Today’s Nice Aspects 🙂

Sun trine Pluto, Sun sextile Chiron: it really is all about YOU, the Sun. What you want. What you want to build, how you want to grow, change, who holds you back, who you are. Pluto gives you will power rather than power struggle when in trine.

And the Chiron bit, well, take a look in your own chart for this one. I am feeling that you’ll be feeling BETTER about something with stable Sun in Taurus making nice to your wounded parts. A cosmic swath of Neosporin perhaps.

A Little Itchy Aspect 🙂

Venus inconjuct Jupiter: excess? indulgence? Too much… what?

I’m not worried about this aspect except it could be making you feel run-down. Maybe this week saw you over busy trying to do EVERYTHING on your list, even stuff you actually wanted to do. Well, it was too much. You can’t get it all done. But you CAN cross stuff off your list says Mars in Virgo.

OR you are feeling the backlash from the busy week, like I am i.e. feeling run-down, run-over.


Got plans today?


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