The Stars Today: Effective Use Of Lack Of Energy

"moon in sagittarius"I’m totally under the weather but I needed to blog at least once before committing to the bed.

I also have trouble resting when I’m sick so immediately I put out a call on Facebook for a good movie to watch, what my sister and I would call “Saturday Sleep Movies,” something so boring it would relax me. I’ve given my roommate a post-it of some provisions to buy me at the corner store and I’m set. Feel like crap though. Had big plans this weekend and a slew of readings to do. Bummer.

And I was thinking out loud in my class about how this is how it often happens — I get sick right when things get busy. Big plans, lots of work. Or maybe that I didn’t ignore the warning signs which were warning me on Monday.

So here’s my warning for y’all: The Sun in Virgo makes us want to WORK. So does Mars now in Scorpio. Effective use of energy should be a given. But time must be made for rest or we collapse. As I started doing last night. I lay in bed for hours, exhausted, sweating, inducing a sweat, not that I needed to induce, hoping for the best.

I am sad to miss the play I had tickets for and a baseball game and I sit here searching for the larger meaning. Is there one? Everything put on hold. I don’t want to look. I don’t want the Sun in Virgo to analyze and pick and process.

The Moon in Sagittarius today joins the Mutable Cross as the Sun moves away from it: Moon in Sagittarius conjunct the North Node opposing the transiting South Node in Gemini. Sun in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces finish it off. And I am hoping I got my details right. I’m a little fuzzy.

So without further ado, I’ll take to the bed and wish you well and be back soon I hope 🙂

Love, MP

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