The Stars Today: Earth, Fire, Water

Someone mentioned my being more “open” on the blog lately.

I think I go in phases, sometimes depending on my inner rhythm and other times depending on… what’s happening in my life or even reader response.

What do you think? Do I seem more open to you? Do YOU feel more open? I wanna blame everything on a good eyebrow wax these days.

With the Sun, Mercury, and Venus traveling through Gemini, my 10th House, it makes sense. The 10th House faces the public, different than, but also similar to the 1st House. Others see it. Nowhere to hide. We reveal.

Today is the exact Venus Jupiter conjunction. Mercury is hanging out there too so I want to wish you a GOOD DAY, a beautiful day, a lively lovely joyful day. Joy.

I remember not long ago a Tarot reader orienting me towards joy and it was like he was speaking a language I did not understand. Joy is a little… different for MoonPluto people πŸ™‚ it’s so many feelings at once. Like the wedding I went to yesterday. I felt happy there. It was a break from everything. That was my Mercury Venus Jupiter pile-up in Gemini, shiny happy people celebrating πŸ™‚

But it was also serious, solemn, and as I noted on Facebook, during the ceremony, the groom wears the white death shroud that he will be buried in. The marriage ritual is deathly serious. And then he steps on the glass and the new life and new joy begins.

I saw relatives that I hadn’t seen in ages, now married with kids. I met older relatives who knew my mother when she was a kid.

And I ate πŸ™‚

I felt like I belonged but AS MYSELF. What do you do, some would ask me. I’m an astrologer….

Always a conversation starter πŸ˜‰

Tuesday May 28th, 2013 and the Moon is in work-work-work Capricorn. The morning belongs to sour Saturn (Cap’s ruler) despite the Gemini breeze. Moon enters Aquarius in the afternoon though (after a short void of course period) and I expect Wednesday and Thursday to feel good for many of you but “feeling” isn’t the point here. This sky-energy is more… free. For those of you with a long list of things to do, I predict you can check that shit off, one by one by one, and enjoy yourself in the process.

Reminder –Β on Friday, Mercury enters Cancer and Mars enter Gemini. Eclipse Season is over (until next time) and I know some of you are reeling from shocking news or events or even your own internal towers falling. The lessons of the spring are DONE. You’ve passed the test.

Let’s get some advice for those absorbing the shocks:

Stay busy, nose to grindstone but whistle while you work — definitely makes sense for today (8 of Pentacles) and this hard work leads you to knowing you are in charge again, you Queen of Wands you! On your throne, powerful but loving. Powerful BECAUSE you are so loving and then the 3 of Cups. Beautiful. I hope this is your day today.

Do what needs to be done and then enjoy your kingdom πŸ™‚ I love that earth, fire, and water are represented here. We’ve got enough air already from Gemini and then Aquarius later today.

Happy Tuesday and sending healing to those on the edge

Love, MP

P.S. I’ll make another blog post about this topic but the June Prayers for Healing schedule will most likely be Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Committing to meditation/prayers on those days. Probably can’t narrow down a timeframe though, not one I can commit to but will commit to days and I’ve got my list. Email or FB me if you want me to be on my list (which I keep private).

And if you are wondering why I do things like this, etc. it’s because I can, because I like to, because my natal Venus in the 12th House is love without limits. So it’s a need in me to exercise this muscle so to speak and it’s more fun (and possibly helpful) when I can invite others, to send energy their way, specifically.

And of course you are welcome to join me, with this intention, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for the month of June. Most likely sitting for 15-20 minutes (could go longer) and then will focus on the names.

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