Scorpio: A Love Story

"full moon in taurus"Is my heart asleep? I can imagine loving. I do love. But I can’t imagine being IN love again, falling in love. Having *that* feeling. My heart is asleep.

That’s what I wrote last night. 

And then I spoke to my old Scorpio friend last night. He and I have the same “ideas” about love. That you commit and you learn and you grow. I had used the word commit but he talked about growing. Yup. And I began to hope again. It is possible. This old Cancerian lady got a whiff of hope and I tossed and turned in my sleep under the Scorpio sky.

The Moon’s in Pisces now. Listen to this: Sun Saturn in Scorpio trine Moon Neptune Chiron in Pisces trine Ceres in Cancer. Ceres is the Mother. She’s possessiveness and loss but the higher vibration is a love that will not die. On the other hand, that may Not be the higher vibration all the time 😉

Have a beautiful day, my friends. Enjoy this heavenly weather. Mars is still applying in opposition to Jupiter. Watch your day. Watch your life. Think before you speak and act. Jupiter is good luck but it’s good luck from the past with Jupiter retrograde. And I think of Mars as happy in Sagittarius as long as he has room to roam but it’s a lot of energy across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis in your chart.

How do feel with the Sun, Mercury, and Saturn in Scorpio? (And the transiting Node too). 



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