The Stars Today: Do Over!

I have decided to read a book. A novel. A big fat novel. Something I rarely do. I usually read metaphysical or spiritual or mystical or poetry.

But I joined a “book club” so to speak, subscribed to a literary press that specializes in translation and now I’ve got four more books coming, over the months, as soon as they are published.

The first book came in the mail today and for some reason I was thinking they’d all be poetry since I found out about this press at a poetry reading. Imagine my surprise to discover this fat fat fat volume (the second of six volumes!) waiting for me by the door.  Will I finish it? I will try. This volume is subtitled “A Man in Love.”

And who knew I’d need my own advice. The day started calm but quickly turned frenetic, phone tag, red tape, bureaucracy, more phone calls missed. Where were my anchors? Moon void of course I remembered . Venus opposition Saturn, I remembered.

Life, today, in all its juicyness, was oppressive. I wasn’t enjoying the challenges 😉

Was anything really wrong? No. Did anything bad happen? No again. But I felt blocked. Communication breakdowns. The eclipse will be in my 3rd House of, yes, communications and for all of us that Full Moon will be conjunct Saturn. Frustration. Limitation. Don’t speak, says Saturn in the 3rd.

So I was cooking my soup and then I was eating my soup and the soup was the perfect thing to eat and then another round of phone tag and tomorrow will be a flower of peace with the Moon in Libra. Cooperation, negotiation, diplomacy, peace at ANY PRICE goddammit.


Mercury will sextile Jupiter too. Think good and it will be good.

The day did have a sweet ending, by the way. One round of phone tag got settled and then a lovely conversation with a friend, a metaphysical, spiritual, mystical, poetic conversation. We grasp God by his concealment, she said. I understand that, I said. And we made plans to speak again.

Love, MP


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