The Stars Today: Cardinal What???

"uranus square pluto"I just couldn’t get all caught up in the hoopla. I just couldn’t.

I did write some about Mars, Uranus, and Pluto in a t-square and the Cancer Moon joining the mix to make it a Grand Cross but my heart isn’t in it today, as well as the thought that every summer or every so often there’s some configuration and people freak-out.

Now of course with such a sky, caution is necessary. These are “accident” aspects (Mars, Uranus, Pluto mixed up together) but for me what matters most is if you have planets at those degrees. What we do, as astrologers, is match up the transits to one’s own birth chart.

Now sometimes I have felt “sky energy” and I do write from the perspective of “sky energy.” It is standard to do so. But I refuse to get on the OH NO train of this cardinal transit.

Do I sound crabby? The Moon is in Cancer 😉

Love, MP

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