The Stars Today: Capricorn World, Sex With Aquarius, And Virgos Do It Better!

"new moon in aquarius 2012"

Is it still? A Capricorn World? But the Sun has entered Aquarius!

Yes, yes it has, my love, but the Moon is in Capricorn conjunct Mercury, and our thoughts and feelings are sober, sobering, thinking and feeling about everything we need to do today, everything we need to do that is our DUTY. It feels like a burden to me. A little 10 of Wands-ish.

I’m hoping for a lighter feeling once the Moon heads to Aquarius and yet I don’t think of Aquarius as light at all. It feels solid to me, solid energy, like a brick of ice, not fleeting like Gemini, or charmy like Libra.

Aquarius is that handsome man in the strange tie at the party in the thick glasses thinking something perverted which he will turn around and around in his mind like a marble in his fingers. The scientist. Something sexy and unnerving about the detatchment.

Which reminds me of a story: I know a Venus in Aquarius dude and one time he remarked to me (I forget the context exactly) on the way a woman’s hair bounced when they had sex. The detail of this remark, the very word “bounce,” so precise… ย that he noticed this struck me as very Aquarian. He was observing (i.e. detatched) such a thing rather than BEING THERE in the moment with her.

(And yes yes it is possible to do both. Wait a minute. Is it? Can you BE in the moment AND observe the moment? It reminds of anecdotes from trauma survivors who report of watching the traumatic event — what was happening to them – from a point on the ceiling i.e. they left their bodies. I’ve digressed plenty here. Back to the sky…)

Sun in very early Aquarius. Have you got your intentions set for the New Moon in Aquarius? New Moons are conjunct the Sun so it’s a doubleshot of the sign and planet that stands for Originality, Rebellion, Ankles! Yes, Aquarius rules the ankles.

Find the Aquarius House in your chart (or late Capricorn, depending) and see where this lively energy will be sparking up. The New Moon and Sun will be sextiling transiting Uranus — sealing the deal. What deal? The electric energy deal. The *do something new* deal. Break old habits, break old patterns, break down to build up again. Aquarius also rules astrology!

Mars will retrograde early next week and we’ve been talking about it all along on here. I predict, yes I predict, your energy may dip a bit this weekend but later next week I think you’ll settle in. It’s like a boat changing course, changing direction. Not a bad thing, okay? Just different.

I should repost some of my early Mars in Virgo posts —ย I likened Mars in Virgo retrograde to Mars in Pisces in that Mars in Virgo retrograde calls to his opposite sign (Pisces) and opposite house (the 12th).

During Mars retrograde, you will have ample time to review the concerns of the house he is transiting. How do you want to do it better? Virgo always wants to do it better. How do you find the answers? Use 12th house ways. Mars retrograde is less direct than Mars direct! Don’t expect results these coming months. To quote the Fonz, although with a different meaning in mind: SIT ON IT! i.e. sit on your big ideas until Mars goes direct again. And by that time, you’ll have so much Marsy energy stored up, you’ll be more than an army (Mars) of one!

Venus in early Pisces now – you may not think or feel clearly about love at this time. I know I’m not. Neptune (Pisces’ ruler) and confusion get along all too well so don’t fight the energy. Instead, use it for… fantasy but fantasy that doesn’t concern your love life or practical decisions thereof ๐Ÿ˜‰ Make art, make fuzzy tentative plans, dream things up, listen to music and float away. Those are some little daily-life ways to use this energy. Pray, pray, and pray some more.

Venus in Pisces is PERFECT for Mars stationing retrograde because the energy has a similar vibration. Follow the sky. Don’t struggle with it. It’s a very *surrender* kind of energy. Surrender to what? To not knowing it all, to not having it all figured out, to being okay with that. There’s a time for direct action and moving forward but I believe we are now in the beginning throes of… a very tasty time where non-doing is favored.

A reader in the comments wondered if I am still doing Mini-Moon Readings for the New Moon and I am. Today is crowded, but I have room tomorrow. I tend to work early-ish in the day these days and conk out early at night. It’s a winter thing, I think.

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