The Stars Today: Bull

I was lying on the floor after exercise. Which was after scooping up a dead water bug (thank you cats for your killing prowess). Which was after having a little coffee and a little oatmeal for fuel. I stretched and caught my breath and lay down on the floor, half naked. If I don’t take off my sweaty clothes right away, I tend to break-out. So I’m lying there and thinking of how we all wind up in this position: naked and dead.

It’s Tuesday, April 30th in the Big City. Moon in Capricorn all day. It’s a work day, yup. You’ll feel like crap if you don’t get it done. Do your duty (Saturn).

Jupiter in Gemini will tempt you to lose your focus, but the Moon’s trine to Venus tells me… you don’t have to wrestle this day to the ground.

I was writing on Facebook last night that I have given myself summer writing deadlines and the goal, also, is to bring some ease into it. Pull out the angst. Lighten it. Soften around it. My North Node is in Pisces in the 6th House. I must schedule (6th House) flow (Pisces).

Moon trine Venus today: soften.

Now we’re also under a Mars Saturn opposition today so if you are feeling oppressed, locked in, that could be why.

Mars wants to go go go and Saturn says STOP. But you know what? It’s Mars who is the faster moving body here. AND Saturn is retrograde. Mars moving ahead. Saturn moving back. Just keep going. Have you ever seen a Mars in Taurus NOT keep going? Mars in Taurus does what it wants, make no mistake.

In a battle between Scorpio and Taurus I’m not really sure who would win. I think most people would say Scorpio but remember that Scorpio is buffered by peacemakey Libra and free spirited Sagittarius whereas Taurus is next door to ARIES, the warrior.

Taurus may be slow, but  when she wants to move? She moves. When she wants to sit still? She sits still. I know Gemini is also next door to Taurus but that just makes her think fast 🙂

So. Overall. Today. Be the bull.

Love, MP


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