The Stars Today: Breathe

When I was visiting my Scorpio friend out West, he kept telling me that I was “tortured.” I think he meant “tortured soul.”

It would bother me when he said this.

And, being a Virgo Moon, I would begin to take an inventory: am I tortured? I tried to find the truth therein.

The answer? Well, yes. Sometimes I am. But I STILL think he was projecting his feelings about his own damn self (he has a hearty 7th House stellium in Scorpio) onto me. Which he did admit later on. It got me thinking though.

One man’s torture/tortured soul is another man’s meaningful search.

My friend admitted that he often doesn’t choose the right word. I have to translate what he says into what he means.

I’m so lonely, he said to me. He said this while I was there. His children were there too. Full House.  And he called me tortured?


I wasn’t planning on blogging today. New Moon in Aries. Aries stellium. Pluto retrograde on Friday. Mercury enters Aries on Saturday. And then there are the eclipses to look forward to 🙂

Take a breath today. Slow down.

The Moon is void of course already for some of you. The Moon then will enter Taurus which makes me think of my Sagittarius Sun/Scorpio Rising/Moon in Taurus friend who welcomes everyone to her table, feeds them, offers deep philosophical discourse, feeds them some more.

What are you hungry for? 

I hope you set your intentions for the New Moon. If not, you can still get two cards from me. Scroll down to the end of yesterday’s blog post for the details.

Love, MP


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