The Stars Today! Big In Virgo!

"full moon in aries"Sun, Mercury, New Moon in Virgo.

Venus in Leo squaring Mars in Scorpio. Saturn in his last days of Libra.

Pluto direct next week and Pluto and Uranus square again. The transiting Node newly in Scorpio.

AND the Sun enters Libra, ’tis the Autumn Equinox, next weekend. Transition time! And transition time means it’s time to pay attention to what we’re doing, what we’ve learned, where we’re going.

Mercury enters Libra tomorrow. You’ll be shifting your thoughts.

The Stars Today are different for everyone, you know? Because it depends on what they are doing in your chart, and yet there is, I believe, collective energy and that collective energy right now is hard-working Virgo and intensely focused Scorpio and a little bit o’ flashy Leo.

The outer planets, too, are shaking things up. Question: what is stable in your life? What do you want to fix? Virgo LOVES to fix, to try to fix 🙂 To SAVE. What is worth saving? Hurry before Virgo Season ends.

Virgo to Libra: we slip from “whistle while you work” mojo to “hey, let’s talk” mojo. It’s other-focused. More social-focused. A good time.

So the balance adjusts next week with our entrance into the sparkle of the scales. From the Virgoan pasture to the beauty parlor, the balcony, the compromise, the companion…

This morning I was working on a New Moon reading for someone and I inserted some Tarot cards and it was funny… I mean, when I was writing her back I realized that her cards were squaring, just like the astrology signs square. I had never thought of it quite like that before.

It’s been one of those mornings 🙂


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