The Stars Today: Badass

"new moon in virgo"What a day. I don’t know where to begin.

I’ll begin with the blog post that I lost. I had been sending myself emails on the train, full of notes on another Pallas Athena post and then when I got off the train, my phone was having problems. I reset my email account and I lost all my notes. I’ll try to piece it together tomorrow.

And then this evening was a “salon” — different pieces of different works by the theatre group who is producing my play this month and for the first time, and it was just one scene, two of my actors had an audience of more than just me, their fellow actors, and the director. It went well. My heart beats so fast when I watch my own work.

Back home and looking at the list of planetary placements and degrees and my mind is moving fast, so many ideas. My list of things to do includes laundry, finishing the Tarot draws in my virtual classroom, and starting a theatre company. One of those days. Everything seems possible and on the same level.

Sun in Virgo. Mercury in Virgo. Moon in Taurus. Earth signs. This is marrow bone hardcore manifestation energy. Real life. Reality. Ever notice that? That a fire-air sky may inspire you but you may not see results?

Mars is in Scorpio and Venus leaves Cancer for Leo on Thursday and that’s our list of the fast moving heavenly bodies, and I’m still trying to figure out what’s responsible for the energy surge in my–

Wait. How could I overlook this? Pluto is in Capricorn! This is some badass earth. Badass earth sky. We’ve got a Grand Trine!

What will you create? 

Love, MP

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