The Stars Today! (August 27th) Mars Enters Leo!

Oooooh big day tomorrow!

I tend to tell you what is happening without always explaining it in obvious astrological terms. I LIKE people to Google stuff. I mean I can tell you that tomorrow Mars enters Leo but YOU LOOK IT UP. You consult your astro library or Internet for your first level meanings. What I want to remind you of mostly is that it is an ENERGY SHIFT. A sign change and possibly a house change for you. Where Mars transits is where you are ENERGIZED. Keep this is mind: Leo is THE SUN. Be bright and bold, steadfast, warm… where Mars is transiting. For me? 12th House. I’m gonna keep it private.

Other news of the day: Mercury sextile Saturn (Virgo/Scorpio): this is VERY clear thinking. Psychic readers are more spot-on than usual 🙂

And we also have the exact Venus Jupiter square. I got some good and interesting news today, so good that I don’t believe it is true. THAT is Venus Jupiter. Excess? Or just right? Maybe. Also, the Moon enters Gemini (my 10th House) so I expect things to be busy busy around here. If you need me, let me know.

Other goodies this week to keep in mind:

Mercury trine Pluto on the 28th

Mercury sextile Jupiter on the 30th

Moon in Cancer for your weekend

And then the Sun trines Pluto on the 1st

Should I mention the New Moon? 13 degrees Virgo (on the 5th).

I think it will be a good week. Finishing touches. Picking up pieces. You feel… MORE SOLID. Whatever you’ve been doing, it’s working, babe. Keep up the good work.

I don’t mean to sound cavalier. I know people up to their eyeballs, but… a sense you’ve come through a VERY dark passageway and here comes the sun.

Ring true for you? 

Love, MP


Wanna get your learn on? Ongoing: there is a new astro chat room you can join as well as WEEK TWO of the Jupiter Saturn course. 


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