The Stars Today (August 26th): TOWER OF POWER

Venus (love and money) opposes Uranus (out of left field) and squares Jupiter (the zealot) and is still in orb of squaring Pluto (making a Grand Cross) but I have my eye on this Venus Chiron inconjunct. (But about the Grand Cross: think big. Big love. Big crazy. Big crisis. All wrapped up in a big bow. PUT A BIRD ON IT. You’ll be fine.)

Do you feel pretty? Do you feel loved? Venus Chiron people are never sure of either. Never sure of their worth. Venus is what we value, including… ourselves.

The Sun in Virgo opposes Neptune. Pisces people, how are you feeling? Shot? Aggravated? Calgon take you away?

This sky feels like a 7-Layer-Cake to me. The frosting is homemade sweet and good but the cake, below the surface shiny, bites back.

Can be hard to keep your cool when your world is tumblling. Hard to stay pretty when the truth is so ugly.

In one of the chatrooms, someone pulled THE TOWER the other day and oh yes some upheaval followed. It isn’t always that way, but sometimes it is. I wonder if his degrees match up with the Cardinal Cross. He took the Pepsi Challenge though; he is moving, literally and figuratively.

AND he came up with this great phrase: THE TOWER OF POWER.

It has forever changed my my view of the card I least like to see.

Ready for the work week?

Love, MP

PS Mars enters Leo on Tuesday! Early degree Virgo Risings time to get your meditation on. Mars through the 12th is a massive amount of energy in a confined space. Nervous energy in the house of mental health and solitude. Take more walks, get more quiet.


Wanna get your learn on? Ongoing: there is a new astro chat room you can join as well as WEEK TWO of the Jupiter Saturn course. 


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